The Reality of Today’s Fighting Soldiers

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We all need to face some truths. I am sorry to hear that some of you or your children were misguided into enlisting. Yes yesterday’s (historically speaking) men and women served their country to defend our liberties but soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan are not fighting for our freedoms. They are there to serve an aggressive campaign of colonialism. occupation, intimidation, murder, and theft.

And they are doing this for the corporations. By fighting to make them wealthier they are growing their power thus limiting our freedoms because this sinks the U.S. deeper into corporatism. This is the new flavor of fascism. And we American_soldiers_20091213-06have been seeing symptoms of this with the NSA spying on Americans, the Patriot Act, and NDAA of 2012-13.

How can we separate the government from our brave soldiers when they directly serve it for without them the state could not commit so many war crimes and crimes against humanity? Is this what they mean by opposing the war but supporting our soldiers?

They do have the option if they gather the courage to refuse to follow unlawful orders. Otherwise they are simply cowards of the highest order for fighting a poorly equipped and out-manned “enemy.” I see no courage in a well funded and well equipped army of Goliaths overwhelming a smaller ragtag band of Davids.

What amazes me is that some people have absolutely no empathy for people who are victims of our sons and daughters. Oh their poor baby boy came home damaged? Well he at least still has his life. What about all the overseas fathers and women and children he murdered? If it had been my own children who served and committed these atrocities I would be deeply ashamed of them.

We are all in denial. Our sons and daughters are not heroes. They are war criminals.

I will not be silent as long as they continue to serve the wrong parties. This video illustrates what I mean by today’s soldiers serving not their country but serving the illicit agendas of the state and corporatism:

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