Letter: Staples Denies Gun Store Owner Entry Into Contest

Boycott Staples.

Please see a law office’s letter to Staples in regard to their denying a gun store owner entry into a contest they were having, based solely on the fact that his store sells guns.  Everyone is urged to write similarly:

address redacted

Telephone:  (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Facsimile:  (xxx) xxx-xxxx


 June 27, 2013

Staples Corporate Office
500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA 01702


            Re:                  Gun Control Stance

            Case No.:        N/A

To Whom it May Concern:


I am the office manager at xxxxxxxx Law Offices.

It recently came to my attention that your company denied access to a gun store owner, of a promotional contest that Staples was having.  It is indeed unfortunate that your company has taken such a stance.  As office manager of xxxxxxxxxxxxx, I can promise that our law firm will no longer purchase office equipment and supplies from Staples.

In this office we were appalled when we read that a corporation was denying their services simply based on a citizen exercising their rights – simply because this citizen has a different belief system than the individuals that manage Staples.  Would this also pertain to those that have different religious beliefs, different sexual orientation, different political affiliations?  It seems to the thinking minds in this office, Staples has shown a blatantly bigoted stance against someone because of their lawful beliefs in self-protection.




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