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An interesting find while researching another issue.  Make of it what you will, but this reporter thinks it a bit strange that a private bank (as reported HERE and HERE), the Federal Reserve, is allowed to have their Federal-Reserve-Policeown police force.

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Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer – SEATTLE
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco – Seattle, WA


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

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It’s about respect and recognition from your peers. It’s you. At the Federal Reserve Bank, we operate as part of the nation’s bank, helping to shape policies that enable people to purchase homes, send their children to school, and to live greater lives. It’s a good feeling, knowing that your work holds such meaning. It’s an even better feeling, knowing that you’re doing so with a team that recognizes the talents that make you unique. Join us today.

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding position? Look no further.

Essential Job Functions:
As a Federal Reserve Police Officer, upon successful completion of training and certification you will operate as a Law Enforcement Officer pursuant to the authority given the Board of Governors by Section 11 (q) of the Federal Reserve Act. In this critical capacity you are charged with protecting and safeguarding the Bank’s grounds, property, operations, employees, and other individuals on premises. You may be involved in making arrests and or detaining individuals committing criminal acts on the premises, and providing testimony as required by law. Federal Reserve Police Officers may also serve on our emergency response or emergency medical teams, or work special assignments such as Executive and Dignitary Protection,

VIP Security, or provide professional armed escort for staff/valuables outside the facility as assigned by law enforcement management. Other duties may include, but are not limited to:

Monitor metal detectors, and utilize hand-held metal detection wands and x-ray machines to scan visitors and packages for weapons and other unauthorized items.

Control entry of persons and vehicles entering beyond the Bank’s public accessible areas, including parking structures, security court, or assigned valuables handling areas, and monitor surveillance equipment, intercoms, telephones, radios, and other specialized equipment.

Operate law enforcement/emergency equipment when appropriate, such as issued firearms, emergency rescue, medical, and firefighting equipment, post access consoles, and portable radios.

Patrol building and report any unusual situation or unauthorized individuals, and safeguard sensitive data and valuables through direct observation during regular patrol rounds.

Respond to general alarms, fires, or other immediate threats to life and property to establish immediate law enforcement presence and secure building until emergency situations are resolved.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our people proudly reflect the diversity and ideas of the communities we serve.

Position Requirements:
High School Diploma or successful completion of GED.

Previous experience as a certified Federal, State, or Local Police/Peace Officer; and/or one year of work experience in a security-related field required.

Due to the physically demanding, critical, and sensitive nature of this position, the following minimum qualifications are required:

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