Hawthorne Man Arrested, Dog Killed by Officer Scott Swain (video)

Man illegally arrested for videoing police, dog shot.

This happened in Hawthorne, California several days ago, and is sure to arouse the public, as it was a heinous act by a militant police force against the public for simply asserting their rights.  Officer Scott Swain of Hawthorne Police Department is responsible for drawing his weapon and viciously shooting the dog that was trying to protect his owner, Leon Rosby, from the brutality of an illegal arrest.

The exchange:

Scott Swain Shoots Dog

Scott Swain Shoots Dog

“Officers stared at Rosby for several seconds and began walking toward him. Rosby placed his dog into his car and, as officers approached, turned around and put his hands behind his back.

Lt. Scott Swain

Lt. Scott Swain

Rosby can be heard saying something about civil rights.

“They had asked me why am I there?” Rosby later told NBC4. “And I said I was filming them so that no one’s civil rights were being violated.”

The officers handcuffed him and the dog began barking out of one of the car’s open windows. The dog jumped out and barked at the officers.

One of the officers reached toward the dog several times, apparently trying to grab its leash. The dog lunged at him and he fired four shots at the dog.

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