Trader Joe’s “Organic” Hot Cocoa

20150630_163956In going through our pantry and purging ourselves of any telltale signs of GMO foods, I came across a box of Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Mix. We used to shop at Trader Joe’s all the time until I did a little research for an article I wrote on how nefarious Trader Joe’s is about the ingredients they use. They are down right deceptive, some might say. Anyway, it seems I have come across yet another of their products that is mislabeled and misleading.

The ingredients are organic cane syrup solids, organic nonfat dry milk, organic cocoa (processed with alkali), sea salt, calcium carbonate, Xanthan Gum, natural flavor. Doesn’t look too bad until you start to drill down.

First of all Xanthan Gum is made from mutated corn sugar fermented with bacteria. As we all know 80% of the corn grown in the U.S. is GMO, and Trader 20150630_164021Joe’s refuses to state that they do not use GMOs in their products. In fact we’ve had an employee tell us there are GMOs in Trader Joe’s food. Then you have “Natural Flavors”. We have to capitalize that because this is the name of a group of chemicals and additives that are anything but natural. According to Natural Flavors include: “MSG, Aspartame and bugs”.  Oh, joy. So now we have Aspartame that causes seizures and a host of other health-related problems, and Xanthan Gum which most certainly has GMOs in it. The cane sugar solids are also to be questioned. All this really means is that the cocoa contains sugar – white sugar.

I would not normally rag on a company for selling garbage, but when they put lipstick on this pig and call it “organic”, then it’s time to take exception. Shame on Trader Joe’s for deceiving their customers. They have flashy stores that are themed around nature and natural foods. They claim organic when their food is anything but organic. If you’re going to sell garbage, don’t try to paint yourself as being natural and organic. We have enough deception in Washington D.C. We certainly don’t need it in the neighborhood grocery store.

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