Dr. Jim Garrow: Freedom of Speech versus The Executive Fiat of Facebook

Freedom of Speech versus The Executive Fiat of Facebook:

Dr. Jim Garrow

It has been many months since my last run in with Facebook censors. Today was a particularly unpleasant clash and shows me once again why the “wall” of secrecy that this organization uses to protect its employees is a very real danger reminiscent of the days when the SS were herding folks onto trains bound for the extermination camps. This secrecy reminds me of the successful repression of free speech in all the regimes intent on world conquest. Shut the people up and the only voice heard will be that of the regime.

Although the Fakebook police did review my birthday greetings and relented and restored the Happy Birthday wishes I am unrelenting in my anger against the anonymous removal of my right to free speech. And yes this is a privately owned enterprise and can according to their agreements with users (myself included) demand that their standards be adhered to, but they cannot make anyone agree to submit their Constitutionally guaranteed rights at the door of their corporate tent.

The fact that my right to post a Birthday wish was blocked for a time and even after having been reviewed by some lackey somewhere in some corporate office, it is the power to deny free speech by some unknown that sticks in this fellows craw. Deny me my rights to my face and you will regret that choice but hide behind corporate anonymity and a new level of response is needed. The face of the monopoly is an ugly thing and perhaps it is Zuckerberg himself who needs to feel the fear of reprisal from those of us in the unwashed masses whose response to injustice no matter how temporary that injustice lasts, is a line crossed at ones peril.

As a man benefiting from the organization that you head, you have a responsibility to those consumers whose clicks gain you your profits to ensure that bullying and disrespect for the Constitution is not part of your modus operandi. You may tick off the wrong patriot.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –
An unapologetic and unafraid patriot