Dr. Jim Garrow: Mueller – The Obama Sycophant

Mueller – The Obama Sycophant:

Dr. Jim Garrow

You really have to give your head a shake when you come across the media’s coverage of all things Mueller. First of all to save print and space on a page, eliminate any opinion based statements which tend to be about 80% of what they fraudulently call “news reportage” these days. Methinks that somewhere down the road they have lost their dictionaries and syllabi that could have guided them into using the proper words to describe Meuller and the Obama loyalties that form his foundational thinking. If you have lost your sense of direction you might be deluded into thinking that truth is being sought in the investigation into the “non-meddling” of Russia in the last election cycle. Lynch mobs have a better understanding of due process or objective reporting than our current spate of “journalists”.

I took some time to examine a picture of Mueller to see how it was possible for him to look as though his nose wasn’t covered in the brown stuff that would naturally be there if he was spending as much time as he must be kissing the butt of his master, Barry Soetoro. You will have to forgive me for using his old name, since every now and then I forget what his current one is. The former President (some say he really wasn’t) is so convinced of his Svengali-like powers that he surfaces now and again to throw doubt on President Trump’s actions or sanity. The media drool appropriately and punch madly at the keys of their computers or Blackberries and report dutifully on Trump as a fraud and Obama as the savior of the universe (take your pick as to which Obama is currently in vogue).

Its Monday so another news cycle is underway. Will we be treated to pictures of Barry body surfing in Hawaii or calling his buddy Un in North Korea in a meaningful exchange of ideas that will be reported by the media as worthy of a Nobel Prize? Can’t have Trump looking good because he is competent in what he is doing after all. We have to be shown how wonderful Barry is so that his nomination for Secretary General of the United Nations doesn’t look as though it’s coming out of a far left Muslim field. As he rides to the rescue of the free world, will he be riding a white or black horse….you already know the answer to that one. Any photo op that elevates Barry will appear on the front page and so will a picture of The Donald with his thinning hair blown back by an unfortunate gust of wind.

Yup – all the news that’s fit to print and all the propaganda that undermines the choices of We The People will be offered up as truth. Fortunately, we ain’t buying it.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –