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Dr. Jim Garrow: The Pandering Prostitutes of Islam

The Pandering Prostitutes of Islam: A short time ago after a cowardly attack, America woke up to the realization that she was at war with another nation. The ideology that produced the horrors of Pearl Harbor was one founded in the belief that God was on the side of the attackers. In more recent days…

Dr. Jim Garrow: The Democratic Debacle

“If you put all the pieces together here’s what you get. The DNC rigs the Democratic Primary Election against Bernie Sanders so Hilliary can win the nomination. Obama’s administration starts to request surveillance on Trump, his family, his transition team, and anyone associated with him. Donna Brazil gives Hilliary the questions to a debate. The…

Dr. Jim Garrow: The Devil Is Always In The Details

The Devil Is Always In The Details: I am not quite shocked by the reaction of some when they hear DACA and immediately assume that the President is going back on his election promises. In actual fact he is doing something far better in his quiet brilliant way. He is checkmating the Democrats and showing…

David Schwimmer Stars in a 2018 Super Bowl Ad He Will Never See

Is this David Schwimmer’s 2018 Super Bowl ad? He’ll never know. While the Friends alum is the star of Skittles’ upcoming ad for the big game, Schwimmer won’t ever know exactly how it plays out—because only one person will ever see the final footage. That lucky guy is teen Marcos Menendez from Canoga Park, Calif. [READ MORE HERE]