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LIVE: Breaking Down Latest QAnon Deep State Revelations

  Much like the early days of Wikileaks, a high-level intelligence source known only as QAnon is leaking secret information from deep within the system, and Infowars’ Owen Shroyer breaks down how this renewed the FBI investigations into both Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Clinton Foundation. [READ MORE HERE]

Dr, Jim Garrow: The Dishonest Media and The Dishonest Message

The Dishonest Media and The Dishonest Message: It was the great thinker Marshall McLuhan who posited that “the medium is the message”, and that particular truth has never been more evident than in the bias-laden media of this new millennium. What is most astounding and heavily saddening is that there are few voices raised in…

Protester Pulls Weapon and Gets Hit by Truck

For some reason, Millennials think it is okay and legal to protest by standing in the street. Others think they can run across the street and all traffic will stop for them, so there is no need to look before you cross. The ANTIFA moron in this video learned otherwise.

Dr. Jim Garrow: A Somber Soros

A Somber Soros: There are many of us who are just wired such that we just don’t like to lose. We see the reactions of some however whose actions after losing are akin to the spoiled brat having a temper tantrum. The greats have always used failure as a bridge to analysis and ultimately to…

MUST-SEE: Malcolm X on Liberals

We found this little jewel and wanted to share it with all our readers. Malcolm X goes into detail about how the left-wing ideologies are what has been supressing the black man for many years.

Catalina Island Postmortem

Where to start… A few months ago we decided to take an extended sail out to the island. This was actually going to be a shakedown as part of a mini-vacation that we planned. [READ MORE HERE]

Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Review

  Over the past nine years or so we’ve changed our diets to include only those things that are good for you – really good for you. After a paradigm shift in 2008, the wife and I decided it was time for some drastic changes, not only in our lifestyle but also our diet. Not…